About (ritual)

Of European heritage Paul Toms was born on the land of the Wiradjuri people in central New South Wales.

He grew up in Canberra where he studied sculpture at the School of Art at ANU.

After uni, Paul moved to Melbourne, and worker in Community development and community arts empowering people to participate in processes and a variety of creative expression in which the could explore forms and frameworks of meaning in their lives.

He studied theology and worked with a number of communities helping them find ways to engage with reimagined, contextualised practice and rituals drawing on traditional forms.

Paul has been involved in ‘men’s work’ for the last 10 years which has involved participating in initiation and vision quest processes as well as facilitating retreats, rituals and men’s sharing circles.

Paul has also trained and is working as a spiritual carer, creating responsive space for in which people are able to engage in marking significant transitions and exploring meaning, particularly at times of crisis and transition.

He has recently moved back to Canberra and finds himself guided by his young daughters, his artistic practice and his continuing interest in providing ritual process which engage with for different people that repond to many …, drawn to the ordinary and exploring the ways that the mundane can embody great significance.